Button spy camera: Only a little creepy

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“Do you expect me to take a picture by rubbing my ring against my chest, thereby activating my $96 Brando Spy Camera?

“No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”

# Features: Button Built-in 4GB Spy Camera + Ring Controller
# Camera + Camcorder
# Place a ring near the Pin-hole camera to control: Switch ON, Record Video start/stop and Photo take.
# Ring Inner Diameter: 1.8 cm
# Button Spy Camera Dimension: 2 x 5.8 x 1.7 cm

# Pinhole Lens
# Image Resolution: 1200 x 1600 pixel
# Video Resolution: 608 x 488 pixel
# FPS: 15 frame per second
# Image file format: JPEG
# Video file format: 3GP
# Color Video and Audio

# Built-in 4GB Memory
# Rechargeable Li-ion battery

Package Included:
# 1 set Button Built-in 4GB Spy Camera + Ring Controller

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