Yes, the HTC Magic supports Microsoft Exchange


There’s really no need to complicate this. The HTC Magic, now in the hands of a number of lucky ducks, supports Microsoft Exchange right out of the box. Google says Android, which powers the HTC Magic, doesn’t support Microsoft Exchange without third-party applications. Conclusion: HTC included an Exchange application on the phone. Why do we need to be all, “Hey, Google, can you set the record straight here?” Just be grateful that it works and call it a day.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Android a completely open source operating system? If we were so inclined, we could code a Crunch app that combs 4chan for wacky photos of bears fighting alligators, charge $2 for it, and become millionaires.

The point is, yes, HTC included Exchange support onto the phone. What’s so crazy about that?