Time Makes A List Of Tech Failures, Microsoft Makes It Twice

Time Magazine recently published a list (completed by 24/7 Wall St.) of the “Top Ten Biggest Tech Failures Of The Past Decade.” Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Zune, Gateway, YouTube and the Segway all made the list. Time said that 24/7 Wall St. evaluated both start-ups and products that were “widely recognized,” and were available to anyone in the world. Time had a couple other qualifications to make the list including the rule that the product/company had to have the potential of bringing billions of dollars of revenue to its owner.

Here’s the list:

1. Microsoft Vista
2. Gateway
4. Vonage
5. YouTube
6. Sirius XM
7. Microsoft Zune
8. Palm
9. Iridium
10. Segway

Most of products/companies on the list are spot on, like Zune and Vista. However, I don’t see how YouTube, the largest video site on the web, is truly a failure. Yes, it’s not profitable yet and who knows when it will be. But Google only bought the video site a few years ago, and I think it’s too early to call this one a failure.