Next Tony Hawk game to feature skateboard controller


Oh goodie, another video game peripheral. This time it’s an oversized balance board for Tony Hawk: Ride. This one will apparently be available on all three major consoles, though.

I’d assume you could use the standard Wii Balance Board for the Wii version of the game, unless rocking backwards and forwards on the Tony Hawk board to lift the nose and tail into the air serves some purpose [UPDATE: it does indeed serve some purpose]. We’ll see how durable the thing is when the price is revealed. The game’s being developed by Activision, a company that’s no stranger to game peripherals with a little series known as Guitar Hero.

Pricing and availability are unknown at this point, but more details will be announced at E3 early next month. Remember when you could fit a video game system and all your controllers and games into a small room? Those were the days.

[via Kotaku]