Sony looking to expand PlayStation Network to other hardware

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Sony recognizes that the PS3 hasn’t quite sold what it hoped (expected?) it would, and that this is a hinderance to the growth of the “brand” as a whole. Solution? Leverage all the other stuff Sony sells—Blu-ray players, HDTVs, etc.—and throw the PlayStation Network on there. That way, Sony can sell you hot content even if you’re not a PS3 owner.

That’s how we’re interpreting what Sony CEO Howard Stringer said to Nikkei Electronics Asia. His actual words:

Next we will be expanding the PlayStation Network to hardware other than the PS3, because the number of PS3 units sold puts a limit on the scale of the network possible.

Why there isn’t, at the very least, a PlayStation-branded Sony Ericsson cellphone, I’ll never understand.

Photo: Flickr

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