Samsung Magnet now on AT&T: A cheap one for the kids


Heads up, sports fans. Today’s the day when you can start your search for the Samsung Magnet at your local AT&T mall kiosk or Yes, the little guy is available right now. Whether or not you can actually find it, .

As you might guess, the Magnet doesn’t particularly do anything; it’s just sorta there, which isn’t bad in and of itself. (I’d rather have a simple phone than one that has whiz-bang-golly-gee features.) The keyboard looks sufficient, and there’s a Web browser that should help you keeps taps on The Big Game (whichever game that is to you) while you’re out and about. Lord knows I followed the Champions League two years ago on some phone’s piece of junk Web browser.

After all is said and done, the Magnet can be had for $20. Yeah, it’s a cheap one for the kids.