Xangati Helps Employees Visually Explain Trouble Tickets Through DVR Feature

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It can often be difficult for an employee to express an IT troubleshooting problem to the IT help desk if the employee has little familiarity with the complexities of a company’s IT infrastructure. Application management provider Xangati is hoping to solve this problem by offering a feature, the Visual Trouble Ticket (VTT), to its customers that allows employees to take a DVR-style, real-time recording of their networked application activity at the moment they are experiencing a problem.

VTT is rewindable and once launched will automatically produce a “trouble ticket” for IT staff so they can fix whatver issues is taking place within a network, server etc. Xangati says this saves a company’s IT help desk by being able to resolve performance problems faster and more efficiently than if they had to take notes from an employee’s trouble ticket. Alan Robin, Xangati’s CEO, says that in light of enterprises’ rapid adoption of new innovations like virtualization and cloud computing, VTT will help IT staffs keep pace with these technologies.

VTT is an innovative feature that will definitely improve upon communication between corporate employees and IT help desks. Founded in 2006, Xangati provides application management software to enterprises integrates streaming, collaboration and user-generated content into its system. Other competitors in this space include Oracle and Symantec.

  • Jay Cuthrell

    Xangati is really impressive stuff for ISP’s and facilities based broadband providers as well that manage subscriber issues with regard to performance (my Internet is slow complaints) and policy (i.e. catching infected machines by their network traffic profile).

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