Captain's Log: Google Calendar Now Knows That It's Stardate [-28]01210.00

It’s no surprise that Google has its fair share of Trekkies, and they’re as excited about the new Star Trek film as anyone. So excited, in fact, that the Google Calendar team has put together a new ‘Stardate’ calendar that will tell you exactly today’s date in the Star Trek universe.

There are a few ways to go about adding this to your Google Calendar. The easy (and lame) way is to add “[ stardate: ] ” as a friend’s calendar. You can also just look at it on the Google Calendar homepage. But for those of you with a more adventurous streak, try figuring out the secret to unlocking it the cool way. Here’s a hint: add an event that contains the name of your favorite new movie. And it isn’t ‘Wolverine’.

You can learn about how Google calculated these Stardates here. Of course, Stardates are known to have been more than a little inconsistent over the years, so you may want to keep those Communicators handy in case there’s a mixup with friends.

Also, thanks to all those who came out to our TechCrunch Star Trek screening last night!