Eric Schmidt On Netbooks: Forget Android, It's All About Cloud Services

Many people are dying to get Google’s Android operating system onto their netbooks – Google’s OS running on the miniscule computers seems like a match made in computing heaven (or at least better than the bloated Windows or unusable (for newbies) Linux. And Android netbooks are certainly coming soon. Dell, for example, is planning to release their own Android-equipped device. But Google CEO Eric Schmidt has his eye on another prize: the cloud.

At Google’s Press Event earlier today Schmidt wasn’t interested in talking about Android on netbooks. “We have no announcements on that,” he said.

But he then talked about Netbooks passionately, saying the the unit numbers were becoming material and that use cases were “consistent with the cloud computing model” that Google is focusing on with Google Docs, Gmail and other services. “Keep an eye on this space,” he said, suggesting but not outright saying that Google may have announcements around Netbooks soon. (and Google I/O is soon, by the way).