iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 out already

What’s that? You finally just got around to installing Beta 4 of iPhone OS 3.0? Sorry – it’s update time again.

Breaking their normal stride of every 2 weeks, Apple has just pushed Beta 5 to the Developer Center. Does this slight speed up mean anything? Could 3.0’s public release be right around the corner?

We’re not expecting any dramatic changes or new features this time around – but if we see anything, we’ll let you know.

Update: We just got two strange reports, both claiming the same thing: MMS and tethering have both stopped functioning, even for those with modified carrier bundles. However, plenty of people are saying it’s still working. One idea is that it varies depending on if you did a clean install or if you restored from a backup. Anyone out there having this problem?

Tethering no long working sort of makes sense – they might be tweaking things a bit to make it (slightly) harder for jailbreakers to get tethering on the free. But MMS? That’s usually limited on a network level. Strange.