Thanko sells "mid-air" PC mouse


A lot of companies and shops in Japan are currently closed due to Golden Week (a national holiday period), but that doesn’t stop Tokyo-based gadget maker and USB specialist Thanko. First, they put scorpions and spiders into a PC mouse, and now they offering one that doesn’t need to be placed on a surface to function [JP]. It can also double as a simple remote control.

The so-called Goronede Mouse can be operated by holding and moving it in the air. It’s wireless, connected to the PC via a USB receiver and can also be used as a normal mouse. Thanko also throws in a cable so you can connect the thing directly to your PC. There is a scroll wheel, a “right click” button, a cursor control LED, two volume control buttons and a mini jog dial that can move the cursor.


The mouse works both under Windows and Mac OS (for 4 hours with one charge) and costs $50. It’s already available in Japan, but you will need to wait until Thanko lists the mouse in the official English Thanko store.