The Icepod cometh

iPod in the Snow, by Bad Robot

iPod in the Snow, by Bad Robot

Say what you want about the cult of Apple and the insane proliferation of the iPod, but the little devices can take a licking and keep on ticking. Or rather, they can take a freezing, and keep on pleasing! Andrew Robulack found an iPod frozen into the ice, and pried it free. To his surprise, it worked!

I pried it out of the ice (it was frozen solid), and brought it home to see if it still worked. The thing booted up right away and after a few minutes of charge was in full operating order. It even had the correct date.

Speaking for myself, I would have thawed it out before trying to turn it on, to make sure the mechanical components didn’t get screwed up due to contraction from the cold. If this is your iPod, you have a week to claim it before Robert declares “Finder’s keepers, losers weepers!”

And for some reason, this little story reminds me of the very first nursery rhyme my dad ever taught me:

I found a little bid, out in the snow.
He had a broken wing, I know.
So I coaxed him with a little bread…
And then I crushed his little head!

Yeah, my dad was a strange ranger.