CrunchDeals: Free HD TiVo box with one year of service [UPDATE]


UPDATE: Looks like this deal is a one-time-use link. If you’re an exisiting TiVo subscriber, check your e-mail to see if you got the same offer or ask someone you know who’s already a subscriber if they’ve got a code you can use. Sorry for the mix-up.

Here’s a sweet TiVo deal that reader Ben just sent in. You can get a TiVo HD for nothing, zero, zilch, nada, when you sign up for a one-year service contract at $12.95 per month. I tried adding it to my cart myself and, boom, my total came to $12.95 with free shipping.

The deal is good until June 15th. The TiVo HD box will normally set you back $300 plus the cost of service, so this is a very enticing offer, to say the least.

Love TiVo Offer 1 [Thanks, Ben]

Matt here: This is a huge deal. If you can sign up for one of these, swap out the included HDD with a cheap 1TB drive. It’s super easy to do and you would have TiVo HD XL minus the backlit remote for a lot less. Call up your cable company and ask about Cable Cards first though. Don’t worry, they should be available for next to nothing.