The Evolution Of Twitter Spin-Offs: Twitter Begat StockTwits Begat

It was only a matter of time before an app was was built to support another app that was built for Twitter. is a stock charting app to be used directly in conjunction with another Twitter app, StockTwits. lets Twitter users upload and share stock charts via Twitter and StockTwits. It’s kind of like TwitPic for stock charts. lets you upload a chart of a particular stock with stock symbol and tags, and lets you include a tweet about the chart. This is then broadcast to your Twitter account and to StockTwits, which is a community for Tweets about stocks and investments. You can also see the most popular charts that have been uploaded on the site. has collaborated fully with StockTwits. In fact, StockTwits and creator Adarsh Pallian share ad revenue from (StockTwits owns 80% and Pallian owns 20% equity and revenue share).

The frustrating part about the site is that it doesn’t let you create charts for stocks—you have to generate a chart independently and then upload it onto the site. You can get a stock chart from sites like or and then upload, but it would be easier to do everything in one place. Pallian says that the site is going to launch the ability to create your own chart within and tweet about it directly in the next few weeks.