Contest: Win one year of Slacker Radio Plus [UPDATE]

Today is your lucky day! Slacker Radio is giving away one free 1 year subscription to their Plus service including:

*Unlimited Skips
*Unlimited Song Requests
*No Audio or Banner Ads
*Complete Lyrics – NEW!
*Over 2 Million Songs

What’s that you say? How can I win? Why were we put on this Earth?

What is Slacker, incidentally? Per CrunchBase:

Slacker provides a three part music personalization suite, which includes an internet radio, desktop music player and portable music device.

The Slacker Web Player plays songs depending on what you like or dislike. Slacker does not allow users to choose specific songs upon request; instead, it will play songs depending on the user’s voting history. Ideally, the personalized station will become more and more refined to the user’s music preferences. This basic service is free and ad-supported.

So it’s like Last.FM or whatever but the Plus add-on gives it a little more kickass juice. Anyway: How to win. Just comment. Drop us a comment below and we’ll pick one winner at random on Friday. Easy peasy.

UPDATE – The winner is Emily King. Thanks for reading and playing!