Skyfire for BlackBerry Alpha gets exhaustively leaked


We’re big fans of the Skyfire browser around these parts, largely due to its ability to chew up and spit out Flash video on Windows Mobile and Symbian handsets. When we heard that Skyfire was coming to BlackBerry a few months ago, we got all kinds of giddy. With this latest leak, we’re even more excited.

While it’s not quite ready for the masses yet, CrackBerry managed to scrounge up an alpha copy of the BlackBerry port. While they say it’s looking good so far, they do mention that it “still has a ways to go.”

The rundown:

  • The social features (Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds on the homescreen) introduced in v0.9 have all made their way over
  • Flash works, complete with a break-out fullscreen mode for optimal viewing and mutable audio
  • Hulu and Youtube were both tested and work, though Youtube “seems a little jumbled up”

We can’t wait. Alas, the vibe we’re getting from Skyfire is that it’ll still be a good while before we see this thing open up to the public. In the mean time, pop over to CrackBerry for more details and a plethora of pics.