Domain Derailed By Hacker? (Updated: It Was Just Parked)

Oops, something went wrong. Looks like a hacker somehow got hold of the domain name and slapped a page filled with ads on it. It looks the former owners are aware of the issue and have already started the process to get the domain name back, so this doesn’t appear to be a simple case of forgetting to renew the domain. (Update: as others have pointed out, it probably is and Softmind could simply blowing smoke)

Update 2: yup, the latter.

On the other hand, the actual registration date of the domain name (19 April 2004) seems to suggest this would be about the right time for the domain name to expire, so we’re not really sure it’s an actual hack or a simple oversight (it was last updated on 23 April).

We’ll update if and when we know something more.

Update: RubyOnRails creator and 37signals partner David Heinemeier Hansson claims the registration service ‘fucked up again’ and parked the domain name. I’d suggest switching providers.

Why claims of a hack are circulating is still a question mark, we’ll find out soon enough I’m sure.