The EagleTec USB Nano flash drive: it doesn't get much smaller

Will you look at that. That’s one tiny flash drive. The EagleTec USB Nano takes small to a whole new, and welcomed, level. No longer are we going to be subject to large appendages sticking out of our laptop’s side. Oh now, now that this drive is out from EagleTec, chances are we’ll see ’em from other manufacturers too. But really, the EagleTec one seems good ‘nough.

This little guy comes in two sizes: 4GB and 8GB. Both support upto 15Mb/s read and 6Mb/s write speeds, which doesn’t make these the fastest on the block, but the overall charm is enough to have us look the other way. Expect to pay either $22 for the 4GB or $33 for the 8GB.