HTC Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2: Yours, for an arm AND a leg

You gotta hand it to the marketing/PR peeps in the mobile gadget space for figuring out how to announce phones, yet hold back just enough to get some coverage out of the details disclosed months later.

As it were, HTC finally announced pricing and (gasp!) availability info for its newest “flagship” devices – Touch Diamond2 & Touch Pro2 – earlier today.

We first got wind of these 2 handsets back in the middle of February, and then found out they would definitely be making their way to our side of the globe. As expected, both “cutting-edge” devices include “HTC TouchFLO 3D Integrated With Windows Mobile.”

The Touch Diamond2 is “crafted to fit perfectly into the hand…[and] is optimized for one-hand use.” It includes (as we already knew) a 3.2″ hi-res wide-screen VGA display, is 13.7mm thick, has 20% more battery capacity (I presume over the original Touch Diamond), a 5 megapixel auto-focus cam, expandable memory, gravity sensor, an ambient light sensor, and “[has] a new touch sensitive zoom bar for even faster zooming of Web pages, emails, text messages, photos or documents.” Check out Matt Davis’ very-thorough unboxing and hands-on for a closer look.

As for the Touch Pro2, which the company says is “designed for business professionals…[and is] optimized for touch as well as heavy email use,” HTC has included a 3.6″ widescreen VGA display, a “large finger-friendly” QWERTY keyboard, improved battery life, expandable memory, a touch-sensitive zoom bar as well as gravity, proximity and ambient light sensors. HTC is also touting its new HTC Straight Talk™ For HTC Touch Pro2:

The new HTC Touch Pro2 leverages voice in a new way to create one of the most sophisticated communication experiences found on a mobile phone. HTC’s new Straight Talk technology delivers an integrated email, voice and speakerphone experience. Users can transition seamlessly from email to single or multi-party conference calls* and turn any location into a conference room.

In addition to the new simplified calling experience, Straight Talk includes an innovative mechanical and acoustic design that features a sophisticated speakerphone experience similar to those found in corporate boardrooms. Straight Talk delivers a high-fidelity voice and sound experience enhanced by asymmetric speakers and advanced noise suppression with full duplex acoustics. When the Touch Pro2 is flipped over it automatically turns into a conference room speakerphone system.

And finally, the news we’ve all been waiting for…the HTC Touch Diamond2 and HTC Touch Pro2 will be available starting in mid May and the end of June 2009 [respectively] (so specific, I know) at all authorized resellers at a suggested retail price of SGD $1,088 and $1,328 (aka, roughly $720 and $879 USD).