Rumor: Microsoft extending Halo into the mobile realm?

What would tech journalists/bloggers do without cryptic-yet-seemingly-revealing job postings? Many a solid rumor has started as a result of these suggestive job position descriptions.

Take Microsoft’s recent posting on (now listed as “expired”), for example. “[Microsoft is] looking to blend console, web, and mobile to create an immersive Halo world that follows the dedicated Halo fan wherever they go…As an engineer on this team, your responsibility will be to deliver a great out-of-game interactive experience that takes the next step beyond the systems found in Halo 3″ (emphasis added).

While I may have never jumped on the Halo bandwagon (Wii is all I need!), I know a number of Halo-obsessed freaks “connoisseurs” who would probably give a Master Chief arm and leg to have mobile access to game stats, clan communications, tangential story lines, a mobile Halo social network, and related mobile Halo mini-games (all of which are pure conjecture, by the way – the jobs post was quite vague). Just imagine, while waiting for the bus/train, you could talk smack to rival players, frag some grunts, or up your rank with EXP-building mini-games. Why talk to the people around you when you can just talk to your clan mates?

[via 1UP]