Let's spend our tax rebates on high-tech junk we don't need!


Once again it’s Tax Day here in the United States of America. (Unless, of course, you’re with the Anti-Tax Tea Party brigade. Have fun you guys, and don’t do what the French are doing in this picture. Violence only begets violence!) This is the part where we ask you if you intend to spend your tax rebate, provided you get one, on any “cool” tech. A monitor? A couple of video games? One or two external hard drives? That sort of thing.

I filed late last year, but I did eventually buy a copy of Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS with some leftover tax money. It’s the 97th time I’ve bought the game, in its various forms, over the years.

John “Nutrisystem” Biggs bought himself a MacBook Air last year, which we constantly tease him about because it’s an expensive hunk of junk.

Matt Burns is thinking about buying one or two monitors, as well as some wood for a desk. (Remember: Matt likes building things.)

Scott Merrill’s money is going right to his bank account. He’s boring!

Let’s assume Doug Aamoth is buying 80 Snuggies.

And let’s assume Peter Ha is buying one of those stress dolls you find at the dollar store, but his will have LEDs and play the theme song to The Facts of Life when squeezed.

Greg Kumparak will probably buy something cool, like a solar-powered talking waffle maker.

I don’t think I’m getting a rebate this year, but I did just buy a book called The Fix. It’s about soccer and organized crime. Oh! And I’ll probably buy BioShock, The House of the Dead Overkill and a Torx screwdriver set (to upgrade my MacBook’s hard drive) from Newegg later today. You fight recessions by spending money like there’s no tomorrow!

Anyhow, yeah, we’re just curious is all. Enjoy your day, and stay safe at your little Tea Parties, don’t want anyone getting hurt or anything.