MasterCard's ATM Hunter Is The Latest Must-Have For Your iPhone Utility Belt

For the last few months Apple has been running ads telling us that no matter what we need to do with our iPhones, “there’s an app for that”. More often than not, they’re right – the App Store is loaded with gems that really can make life that much easier. Unfortunately they’re not always so easy to find.

Such is the case with ‘ATM Hunter‘, a free iPhone application built by MasterCard that allows users to quickly find the ATMs closest to them. The app, which was released late last month, has a measly 15 reviews despite being ranked as the 11th most popular app in the App Store’s finance section (which apparently doesn’t see too much traffic).

This isn’t the first ATM app on the market – some banks have built their own, and there are a handful of independent apps like iATM (iTunes Link) available too. But MasterCard’s database seems to be much more thorough, offering ATM locations of banks along with those found in restaurants, retail stores, bars, and convenience stores.

For those users who are strongly opposed to bank fees, ATM Hunter lets you narrow down results to branches from your own bank. You can also filter results based on criteria like operating hours, surcharges, wheelchair accessibility, and drive throughs. My only complaint is that unlike competitors like myATM (iTunes Link), there’s apparently no way to see every nearby ATM plotted on a map (you can only see one at a time). In my initial tests the app fared quite well, pulling up every ATM in the area that I was aware of (and many that I wasn’t).

It’s nothing revolutionary, but damn if it won’t come in handy.