Application Delivery Software Ravenflow Nabs $6 Million In Funding

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Ravenflow has secured $6 million in an unattributed round of funding from existing investors Alloy Ventures, Palomar Ventures and the Roda Group, bringing the company’s total funding to $20.7 million. Ravenflow’s software helps enterprises deliver applications faster. Launched in 2004, Ravenflow lets business analysts gain better insight into application development projects, letting analysts create mamange their workflow and specify business application needs. In short, the software allows companies seamlessly translate data and language from MBAs to engineers. This company made a business around that, although its site is so filled with jargon that it doesn’t give you much confidence that it can explain things in simple English to MBAs.

Ravenflow previously raised $5 million is unattributed round of funding from the same investors as above in 2008, and $9.7 million in funding in 2005, in another undisclosed round of funding. Both rounds were funded by Alloy Ventures, Palomar Ventures and the Roda Group.

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