Welcome To TechCrunch, MG Siegler

Tomorrow TechCrunch welcomes MG Siegler as a full time writer and our newest hire (pictured to the right of Marshall Kirkpatrick, a former TechCrunch writer). He joins us from VentureBeat, where he created quite a following for himself by writing interesting, timely posts on the current technology trends. In fact, in just two years of solid blogging he’s become one of the top twenty most productive tech bloggers. Obviously, we are pleased as punch to add him to our team.

MG is a hard worker, and writes both quickly and well (a rare combination). Combine that with a certain level of competitiveness and you’ve got a winner. He’s also very much a part of the startup and technology community here in Silicon Valley.

He maintains a personal blog at ParisLemon, where frankly I think some of his best articles have been posted. He’ll continue to write on ParisLemon, but I’ve asked him to bring more of that personal style and opinions into his TechCrunch writing as well. I think you’ll like what you see.

MG joins Erick Schonfeld, Sarah Lacy, Jason Kincaid, Robin Wauters and Leena Rao (and myself) as the team writing most of the content you see here on TechCrunch. Look for his first posts soon.

You can read VentureBeat’s sendoff here, and get MG’s take on his new job here. Welcome, MG!