DIY steam powered iPod charger

I tell ya, when the zombie apocalypse sweeps over this planet, we’ll all be in a world of hurt. I mean, aside from avoiding zombies trying to munch our brains, how will we charge our precious portable electronics after the power grid fails? With steam, friends, that’s how! To give you all an idea, consider this DIY steam powered iPod charger!

I coupled a Lego Technic Motor to a Jensen #75 steam engine to make a crude generator. From there I built a 5V regulator circuit and soldered in a female USB connection to power any USB device. Since I wanted to use it to charge my iPod, I put in a diode and a .5 amp fuse to provide some circuit protection. Attached are some pictures of it and here are some links to videos of it in action. Unfortunately you can’t see the charge light on the ipod, But as you can hear, the iPod really loads the engine. I was somewhat surprise it could hack it.

Seeing these things makes me realize just what a disadvantage I’ll be at in the future. I can barely make a lean-to for shelter, let alone create power for sundry electronics. All I ask is that you guys give me a decent burial. I don’t want to come back as a zombie.

Hat tip Boing Boing.