Boxee Continues To Innovate With API And New Alpha Version For Mac, Apple TV

Free entertainment hub Boxee keeps on getting better and better. A couple of hours ago, the venture-backed startup released a full API that allows developers to build applications for the open-source platform using a set of API calls in Python and writing the GUI using XML. At the same time, the company is laying the groundwork for a richer App Box, which it refers to as an open application store where they are not the gatekeeper (like Apple for its iPhone App Store) but rather a facilitator.

Heck, they’re even prepared to act as middleman for connecting freelance web developers with companies looking to leverage their API. Hard not to love that type of company.

Boxee is today also introducing a new test version of the Boxee alpha version for Mac and Apple TV (get it here for Intel Mac OS X 10.4+), adding two applications that were built using the brand new API. The new Boxee alpha comes with a lot of music goodness as it includes both Pandora, the popular music streaming service, and RadioTime, which enables their users to access over 100,000 traditional radio stations from across the globe.

This comes right off the heels of the introduction of a (basic) iPhone application.

The new version of the software for Mac and Apple TV features support for Hulu too, but in the work-around way, i.e. using a custom browser built on top of Mozilla technology (sort of like a stripped down Firefox). As you know, Hulu is doing everything it can to keep its content from being streamed on Boxee, while Boxee is doing much of the same to do the exact opposite.

Boxee says it’s now working on updated versions for Ubuntu and Windows.

As a PC user, I can hardly wait.