Openmoko scraps next-gen FreeRunner, shifts to "Plan B"

Although HTC was able to realize its Dream (aka G1), for many hardcore mobile enthusiasts, Openmoko’s open source and ultra-hackable smart device – Neo FreeRunner – was the real dream.

Running on Openmoko’s open source Linux platform, the FreeRunner was arguably the first smartphone made specifically for hackers (er, developers) who, according to the Openmoko Wiki, “will appreciate the total freedom they have to use and design software for the FreeRunner.”

Unfortunately for them, Openmoko has decided to scrap its next-gen smartphone. Speaking at a convention in Switzerland, Openmoko CEO Sean Moss-Pultz informed the audience that the FreeRunner’s successor (known internally as “GTA03”) has been discontinued so that the firm can refocus its efforts on the development of a new non-mobile/non-smartphone device fittingly known as “Plan B.” Moss-Pultz also noted that Openmoko has reduced its workforce by 50% in order to remain afloat.

Maybe styling their “revolutionary” open source device after a generic handheld GPS keychain wasn’t the best of ideas in the end (jk!)…but hey, at least there’s still a “Plan B”!

Oh, and you can still get your hands on a 2G FreeRunner for $299.

[via Phone Scoop]