European Web Video Network Intruders TV Relaunches

About two years ago, web video startup Intruders TV started out by covering tech / internet industry news in Europe with reporters in key countries like the UK, Ireland, France and Germany.

Today, the web TV company is relaunching and will soon be expanding its coverage to more countries and other fields like music, movies, cleantech and fashion. The biggest change for today’s release of the new Intruders TV is that the company has finally stopped focussing on delivering country-specific content but has instead regrouped all the English-language content in one channel only (the same goes for the French and Italian counterparts). The site and video player have been revamped as well and are well worth a look.

Intruders TV produces high-quality profiles of the continent’s most exciting startups and industry events, and regularly publishes interviews with European entrepreneurs and other industry pundits. The company can often be spotted at events across the globe, looking for interesting people to interview. (disclosure: they were also a media partner for my own conference, Plugg)

According to Vincent Camara, Head of Content and Co-Founder of Intruders TV, the company so far has streamed over 10 million video plays, conducted 600+ interviews and currently has a library of over 300 hours of HD content available (see example video on the site – the embed code doesn’t like WordPress). Note that all this was done without a dime in funding: the startup has to date been completely bootstrapped by Camara and his business associate Thierry Bezier.

So how does the company make money?

Camara tells me there are four business models in place, but only two of them are currently bringing in the monthly revenue used to pay its 10 to 15 part-time video reporters: placement of videos via syndication agreements with other video sites based on revenue sharing, and sponsorship of channels (verticals and sub-verticals) by related businesses.

The other two revenue streams the company is looking at are 1) the distribution of exclusive content with large video sites in return for licenses and revenue share from advertising and 2) closed circuit VOD agreements with institutions, groups and organised communities where revenue is secured by licenses and sponsorship.

In other news, Intruders TV has partnered with technology news site THEINQUIRER to bring to life INQ TV, adding a video presence for the snarky news and reviews site.

Check out the site and let us know what you think.