reads blog comments over the phone is a new service from Accross Media Limited that reads selected comments to you in MP3 format or over the phone. The service will cost $10 per month for blog posts and $50 per month for a complete feed of your Twitter conversations.

Marginally inspired by xkcd, the service will call your phone and read aloud to you the contents of comments, so that you don’t need to revisit our site or muck around with an RSS reader. Advanced filtering controls will allow you to subscribe to just those comments in which you’re actually interested, so you don’t get 300 phone calls a day on the never-ending Linux-vs-Windows debate when all you’re interested in are more wacky USB gizmos. As the service matures, the company will fine-tune the system to suggest additional comments that might be of interest to you.

Here is an example of the service in action using a recent post:


We’ve partnered with Accross Media Limited, creators of, to bring this exciting new service to you. The first 100 people to comment here will receive a beta key.

For this beta test, the number of readers is limited. You can select from Ranjit in New Delhi, or Igor in Kiev. As we build out the infrastructure, we’ll add additional readers so that the blog comments sound as great as their contents! Please indicate which reader you would prefer in your comment.