Pocket Tunes Radio: You can listen to Sirius XM on your iPhone right now

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Those of you who just cannot wait till Apple approves the Sirius XM iPhone app may want to check out Pocket Tunes Radio [iTunes link], from Ted’s iPhone Application Emporium NormSoft. With its latest update, to version 5.2, this $9.99 iPhone (and iPod touch) application can tune into both Sirius and XM stations, provided you have a functional Sirius XM subscription.

There are separate instruction for getting Sirius and XM working on your iPhone. (Sirius here, XM here.) The application tunes into both services’ Web-based streams (so it’s not an iPhone-sepcific stream you’re tuning into, rather the regular Web stream).

The question then becomes whether or not you’re willing to pay $9.99 in order to listen to Howard Stern or Opie and Anthony. (May I add that, again, Sirius’ coverage of the Winter Music Conference was outstanding—so many live sets!)

That is all.

via Orbitcast

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