Pocket Tunes Radio: You can listen to Sirius XM on your iPhone right now


Those of you who just cannot wait till Apple approves the Sirius XM iPhone app may want to check out Pocket Tunes Radio [iTunes link], from Ted’s iPhone Application Emporium NormSoft. With its latest update, to version 5.2, this $9.99 iPhone (and iPod touch) application can tune into both Sirius and XM stations, provided you have a functional Sirius XM subscription.

There are separate instruction for getting Sirius and XM working on your iPhone. (Sirius here, XM here.) The application tunes into both services’ Web-based streams (so it’s not an iPhone-sepcific stream you’re tuning into, rather the regular Web stream).

The question then becomes whether or not you’re willing to pay $9.99 in order to listen to Howard Stern or Opie and Anthony. (May I add that, again, Sirius’ coverage of the Winter Music Conference was outstanding—so many live sets!)

That is all.

via Orbitcast