Big Gun Brush and Gun Hook: Two gadgets for gun lovers


Do you consider cleaning your PC keyboard a tedious task? Are you tired of using the same old style of coathooks over and over again? If you don’t have any other problems (and you are a member of the NRA by any chance), a Japanese design company called cactus design GRAPHICA now comes to the rescue with two very special gadgets.


cactus design is selling a keyboard brush shaped like a gun and a coathook with the same characteristic. Labeled the Big Gun Brush [JP] and the Gun Hook [JP], these things probably don’t make much sense but look kind of cool. The Big Gun Brush even doubles as an eraser. Amazing stuff.


The brush costs $20 in Japan and is available in black only, while the Gun Hook comes in three strange colors and is priced at $17 each. Japanese gadget import store Rinkya says it will accept orders from Non-Japanese customers for the brush, but I am sure they can also get the coathooks for you if you ask.