Who is this sassy Lauren, she of the cheap HP?

Lauren AKA the girl from the Windows commercial is really Lauren De Long, a SAG-eligible actor with special skills including cheerleading, stage combat, and ear prompting. Giz and TechFlash tracked her down and she informed them that she is under NDA for her involvement in Microsoft’s laptop taste test. So she wasn’t an average girl picked up off the street, BangBus-style [Editor’s Note: DO NOT DO A SEARCH ON THIS], to purchase a laptop for the Redmond marketing department. Who knew?

Hell hath no fury like a fanboi scorned so a number of sites have already offered Ms. De Long a great MacBook in place of the poorly reviewed HP she purchased.

I mean even Ellen Feiss, the stoned switcher girl, had a bit more cred in that she was a real 14-year-old girl who just got a G4 and was called in by Errol Morris and interviewed rather than given a script and then carted around town hunting for a laptop. I understand advertising is mendacity, but Microsoft’s brand is a bit more over the the top than Apple’s, don’t you think?

Also, quick tip for those of you trying to look like “average people:” wear glasses and a scarf. It turns off that burnished LA charm in seconds and makes you look like a mousy SUNY student.