Sprint launches the Sanyo SCP-2700, relaunches the Lotus in red


If you’re lookin’ for a barebones QWERTY candybar on the cheap, Sprint and Sanyo have a handset you should see. Well, they will in May.

We’re not quite sure why they announcing this one a whole month early, but Sprint and Sanyo have let it be known that the SCP-2700 will be hitting the shelves (exclusively at Sprint) come May 10th. For a cent shy of $30 dollars, a two-year contract, and a few weeks waiting for the $50 mail-in rebate, you’ll get the QWERTY keyboard, a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, threaded text messages, and Sprint Family Locator/Navigation/Social Zone. It’s not exactly a big deal – but hey, it’s $30 bucks. The handset will come in “Deep Blue” or “Impulsive Pink”. Impulsive? As in without forethought? Are they trying to rub in the fact that everyone who buys the pink one will feel buyer’s remorse by that evening, or something?

In other news, Sprint and LG have revamped last year’s wonky (but surprisingly usable) little clamshell QWERTY Lotus with a new look, adding a red color option to go along with the black and purple releases they made available originally. If black was a bit too standard but purple was a bit too wild for your tastes, maybe red will fit the bill? Probably not. No official word yet if there’s a tax for the new paint job, but we wouldn’t expect it to stray from the current $99 price tag.