Rumor: Canon producing a pro digital video camera?

canon-xl2Canon may have decided to take the digital recording to the next level. There’s been some pretty amazing stuff being done with the Canon 5D mkII, and there have been some leaks about where they might be going with this. Keep in mind, this a rumor only and unconfirmed, it could very easily be a fanboy hoax. But if the rumor is true, Canon is working on a pro-level video camera using their 1x APS-C CMOS sensor that will let them capture up to 120 full frames per second at 12.1 megapixels. Hopefully they’ve improved the technology to the point where it’s resolved some of the IQ issues we’ve seen before.

The same email also said that Canon may be developing a couple of lenses specifically for this camera. There’s nothing too exciting there, just something that starts at 16mm, and a telezoom that’ll probably start at 70mm. Hit the link above for more technical info including codec bitrate and that sort of thing.