AirCoaster iPhone App Turns The Stock Market Into A Scary Ride

The stock market has been a wild ride the past 12 months. If you don’t feel sick already, you can actually turn the ups and downs of the stock market into a virtual roller coaster. Ziconic, the developers of AirCoaster 3D, a high speed 3D roller coaster app for the iPhone, has turned the Dow Jones and Apple stock charts into roller coaster tracks that users can download and ride.

The steep decline of the Dow Jones index makes for an exhilarating ride . But Apple’s more volatile stock makes for an even more thrilling up-and-down roller coaster track.

The app lets you visually experience every twist, turn, and corkscrew, within a 360-degree panoramic background. (Once you choose a ride, though, you can only control the view, not the actual ride). You can choose to ride an auto-generated track that changes with each ride. The AirCoaster 3D, which costs $0.99, lets you design your own tracks as well with sound effects and themes via an interactive multi-touch track editor. And you can download tracks created by others. (In fact, the Dow Jones and Apple tracks don’t come with the app, you have to download them from the community tracks tab). Stock charts make for excellent virtual roller coaster tracks. But which stock chart would be the most fun to ride?

One rule of thumb: the fun of the roller coaster ride is the inverse of the fun of owning the stock.

Here’s a video showing the Dow Jones ride on an iPhone: