Verizon to sell HP Mini 1000 with data service?


Verizon recently confirmed that it’d be selling a discounted netbook in order to push its data plans, and it appears from a spreadsheet leaked to BGR that the inaugural device will be the from the HP Mini 1000 series.

More specifically, the 1151NR, which contains a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB RAM, 80GB hard drive, 10.1-inch screen at 1024×576 resolution, three-cell battery, and weighs 2.45 pounds. The 1151NR is found in HP’s business line, so it’s no stretch that Verizon’s offering may be to business customers as well.

Most people seem to be guessing that the netbook would cost $99 plus a two-year service contract but no official pricing or availability has been confirmed by Verizon yet.

[via BGR]