Rumor: Palm Pre launching on April 30th for $299?


So, there’s this guy named Jim Vance who is the CEO of Logicomm, which appears to be some IT firm and Mr. Vance is claiming to have a Pre and that it’s coming on 4/30. He has a handful of tweets claiming this and that about the Pre, but he’s had it for two days and promises of photos and screenshots of the UI have not yet materialized.

@heeeyrold @dberube We do a lot of betas 4 Sprint. Also testing WiMax fones. Not sure if Pre is final. Release dte of 4/30, so I’m told..

@darthpooh79 Sprint claims that 4/30 is a line in the sand, according to my acct mgr there…he’s usually right on #Palm Pre

I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions and take this as fact, but we’ll keep our ears to ground and see if we can’t dig anything up.

via PalmwebOS

And now Mr. Van claims to know the price of the Pre at launch.

BTW – heard frm source (not Sprint) that Pre price tag 2 be $299 with 2 year ctrct…bet it’s $100 or so after all the hype wears off