InternSHARE Blends Internship Postings With Ratings

internSHARE is an all-in-one internship job and review portal where students can not only find a internship but also access the reviews of internships at companies, submitted by former interns. Internships can often be a hit or miss in terms of experience. Some companies merely make interns fetch coffee and make copies while others let interns step into the roll of a full-time junior employees. Regardless of how a company decides to handle its interns, it’s always helpful to know exactly what your role will be prior to the internship.

The site’s reviews seem fairly comprehensive, offering overviews (provided by Wikipedia) and reviews of a range of companies including Research in Motion, IBM, and The site also has a feature where existing interns can post descriptions about the interview process and give prospective interns tips about the interviews. Another cool feature is the ability to use Facebook Connect to integrate Facebook friends and features into internSHARE.

internSHARE, which is student-run, recently merged with, another Canadian-based internship database, boosting its users from to 8900 and creating over 2400 reviews for companies. Its seems that the site is slightly Canadian-centric. Most of the mid-size and smaller companies reviewed are Canadian based. And the job data base, whose listings are pretty paltry (there are currently only 6 internship listings, all in Canada), needs to be expanded in order for the site to really serve as a all-in-one solution to prospective interns.

InternshipRatings provides a comprehensive database of U.S. internship reviews but doesn’t feature internship listings. InternshipIN and AfterCollege just offer internship listings. I think internSHARE has a good idea in trying to be a comprehensive database for students but needs to add internships in a variety of areas to appeal to U.S. students as well. And the site needs to offer more than 6 prospective jobs to college students.