The G20 gets a taste of Protest 2.0 this weekend

The Put People First march in London this weekend will use some interesting tech to get their point across to the world leaders of the G20, assuming they are listening, and on Twitter.

A caped ‘superhero’ called “The Megamouth” will shout out messages from the public to the likes of Obama and Brown about the world’s poor.

But exactly what he’ll shout will be pulled from Twitter’s API (any tweet tagged #themegamouth) into a moderation and edit console, as well as any from the ActionAid site and via SMS. They will then be manually approved – nothing too off topic I presume, like “Hello Mum” – and the shouts will then be fed into an iPhone app which The MegaMouth uses on his wrist-mounted iPhone. Each time he hits a “shouted” button, a tweet will be generated to inform the crowd of what he’s been shouting (probably because they won’t hear either).

The main video footage will be encoded and uploaded in chunks using Tumblr and Vimeo, embedding it into the ActionAid site in one move. This will be supplemented by live streamed footage from a Nokia N95 using Qik – again, embedded directly into the ActionAid site, and generating automated tweets as it does so, as anyone who’s used Qik would know.

How’s about that then? Protest 2.0 huh.