Nintendo GDC keynote recap


Sorry about the delay, folks, but you didn’t miss much from Nintendo’s keynote this morning at GDC and we managed to get you the most important news as it was happening anyways. So here’s a quick recap of a few facts that you might find interesting. We’ll have video of a few tasty treats as quickly as the press room’s Wi-Fi lets us upload to YouTube.


President and CEO Satoru Iwata delivered the keynote and we spotted US President Reggie Fils-Aime in the audience. We had high hopes that he would deliver some exciting news, but he was only a spectator today.

The Wii has sold more than 50 million units globally making it the fastest selling console of all time.


Mr. Miyamoto has a specific way of doing things that Iwata dubbed “Miyamoto’s Way” or the “Upward Spiral.” It’s nothing terribly interesting but we did learn that Mr. Miyamoto loves to kidnap employees and force them to enjoy themselves while working on a project. Apparently, he likes to “kidnap” first time devs and force a Wiimote or DS upon them and tells them to have fun.


DS title Rhythmn Heaven or Rizumu Tengoku in Japanese was first launched in Japan in August of 2006 after pop star Tsunku approached Nintendo about working on a game. Yoshio Sakamoto (WarioWare Touched) was brought on board to build the game as well as Kazuyoshi Osawa (WarioWare Twisted) and because it’s a rhythmn-based game all of the developers had to take dance classes. Because, you know, developers have no rhythm. To date, the game has sold more than 1.7 million copies and will reach US shelves in 11 days. Luckily for us, Nintendo gave out copies of the game and we’ll have a contest for a copy today.


NPD numbers revealed that 20 percent of new Wii owners were first time game console buyers. And 47 percent of DS buyers last year were female.


Wii sold more third party games sales in 2008 than everyone else. Ironically, the Wii Balance Board’s Global LTD Install Base is just shy of 15 million and it’s nipping at the PS3’s heels. You read that correctly, kids. The Wii Balance Board’s install base is only a few million behind that of the PS3.


A new Wii title was showcased today and it’s got the weirdest gameplay of anything we’ve seen. Using the balance board and Wiimote, you’re climbing up a rock wall and when you get to the top your reward is a guitar that your avatar starts to rock out on. It’s called Rock and Roll Climber. Please be patient while the video renders.