Lessons in parenting: Here's a baby pillow with a built-in MP3 player


Since being a lousy parent seems to be all the rage these days, here’s another weapon for your doing-the-bare-minimum arsenal. It’s a baby pillow—see how it contours to your child’s neck—that has a built-in MP3 player and speaker. Presumably you’d put your baby on the pillow (well, it’s merely a render, so you won’t be doing any of this, as a matter of fact) while you sleep, watch TV, gamble or whatever it is that parents today do when their baby is asleep for a few minutes. Anyway, you lie the baby on the pillow, and out comes either A) a pre-recorded voice that whimpers “please stay asleep for 30 minutes so mommy and daddy can rest” or B) soothing music that you’ve downloaded from The Pirate Bay. (Best not to use that I-Doser stuff!)


Again, it’s just a render, so don’t get too excited. In fact, all you’d need to replicate the functionality of the pillow is one of those dime-a-dozen iPod speaker docks that you can put next to the baby’s crib, and a standard pillow. Bam, you can now accomplish the same thing this gadget accomplishes, but it real life!

I don’t know, it looks neat, right? And who doesn’t love babies, and pirated MP3s?