CrunchArcade Roundup

Image courtesy of turkeybot

As I mentioned before, a few of us are in San Francisco this week for GDC, so expect a few bombs to drop this week in the gaming world, we hope. Atari announced today that Alyssa Milano is playing the love interest of Dr. Venkman in the upcoming Ghostbusters video game. Yeah, crotchety old Bill Murray has a thing for hottie Samantha from Who’s the Boss. Can you blame the guy?

The Snowblind map pack for Gears of War 2 that we mentioned the other week has been dated and it’s dropping on March 31. This includes four new wintery environments: Grindyard, Under Hill, Courtyard and a frozen Fuel Depot.

Bungie’s Mythic Map Pack for Halo 3 is dropping on April 9th with three new maps: Assembly, Orbital and Sandbox. In addition to those two hot games that have sold more than 35 million copies combined comes word of DLC packs Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead. The Pitt for Fallout 3 hits tomorrow and L4D’s Survivor Pack will drop on April 21.

The GOW2 and H3 packs will go for 800 MS points and we’d imagine the same goes for Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead, but no official word on the last two.

Bad news, Resident Evil 5 owners, Capcom has officially delayed the Versus Mode DLC. Yeah, we didn’t know there was an official release date either, but I guess it was slated to launch in Japan on the 26th of this month. However, it looks like it’s coming out on April 9th in Japan. No word on when it will actually be available in the US, though.

And last but not least is Rockstar’s declaration that Max Payne 3 will hit the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the winter of 09. The story for the third chapter picks up where MP2 left off. Basically, he’s really pissed off and will be killing lots of people.