Apple discontinues Bluetooth headset, the world mourns

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of the Apple Bluetooth Headset. After a valiant struggled against cheaper Bluetooth headsets – this one was $99 – it succumbed to relative disinterest and malaise.

Perhaps comments like this:

avoid like the plague
Written by BW from Keller
Jul 13, 2008
Yes, the plague.

The apple bluetooth headset is the biggest piece of junk I’ve ever purchased from apple.

and this:

Waste of Money, Super Disappointed
Written by AB from Gonzales
Jul 12, 2008
Too light, doesn’t fit the ear well at all, falls out really easily, and after a 3 foot fall, broke and gave constant heavy static…

Placed the final nail in the headset’s coffin. Or perhaps the accessory was ahead of its time. Let’s pour a little out for the departed, friends. Good-bye, little dongle.