Looks like Amazon wants $2.99 for HD TV shows


Some Sunday morning rumor mongering for y’all. While we’ve known that Amazon has been planning to sell HD versions of TV shows for a few weeks now, we knew nothing about price… until now! Yup, it looks like Amazon wants $2.99 per HD episode, as this screengrab shows, which is the same prices that Apple charges on iTunes. (That works out to around $53 per season, which, knowing the quality of TV these days, is an insane proposition.) But, good news for Apple haters, then.

Now, when exactly these HD downloads will debut, who knows. Dave Zatz found hints of the HD TV shows in the TiVo interface a few days ago. Presumably you’d be able to get these HD shows on things like he Roku box, too.

Also, I’d like to take a moment to laugh at Manchester United. [Moment.] Thank you.