Visualize Data (Including Google Search Results) In 3D With iFree3D

The tool is only in concept stage at this point and at times rather buggy, but here’s a pretty cool way to visualize data in a slightly different way than you’re used to: iFree3D, a nifty visualization app developed by Israeli startup TLG View, lets you pull in data from different sources inside your browser and displays it in 3D.

Currently you can perform Google searches for websites, images and videos, and results will be presented to you in boxes against a black background. You can manipulate the frames, drag and drop them or hit the ALT-key to move objects around in 3D mode using mouse gestures. This also works for MySQL and Amazon SimpleDB database, mapping out tables and relations between objects. Basically, the more objects there are in the source, the more useful the 3D view and manipulation mode becomes.

From the looks of the website, a desktop version powered by Adobe AIR is also in the works, and even support for data from inside your Facebook network of friends (that should be interesting).

The iFree3D app comes with an open API for developers and you can also create widgets from your search queries. Here’s an example (full screen view):

Here’s a demo video, but note that the sound is quite low and the explanation is not super-enthusiastic to say the least. The tech is really cool though, and opens up a lot of opportunities for visualizing data in a more intuitive way. One example of how this could be use: imagine a slightly more powerful tool leveraging 3D visualization technology in combination with touch screens. Coolness.