BlogTalkRadio Now Playing In The Enterprise Space

BlogTalkRadio, the site where anyone can set up a podcast or “radio talkshow” over the web using phone calls, is playing in the enterprise space. The site, which has over 1000 live broadcasts per day, has been launching content partnerships with major publishers and media organizations over the past few months. PBS, Women’s Day Magazine and others are using BlogTalkRadio’s tools to create podcasts and shows, as well as syndicate content across the web. For example, PBS’s Worldfocus TV newscast is syndicated on the BlogTalkRadio.

The site is also creating branded private networks for major corporations like Wal-Mart, Harper Collins, and Sun Microsystems where the companies can create, syndicate and publish their own shows and podcasts. Even the government is trying to take part in this social media movement; the Pentagon has a web radio show on BlogTalkRadio. And the site has been able to monetize the partnerships by charging companies licensing and sponsorship fees for the branded channels. The companies can put their own ads in their shows, which can include banner, pre-roll audio/video or host spoken ads. The companies are also charged a fee if that they want live events streamed to their BlogTalkRadio channel or any website. The radio platform is also rolling out a set of premium services for both consumers and businesses so that hosts can use the advanced switch board, and upload other non-BlogTalkRadio produced mp3’s.

We’ve written about BlogTalkRadio’s unique platform before. Its of no surprise that the enterprise space is seeing this site as a possible place to add viral content. The site simply allows individuals and companies to use a phone to conduct a live broadcast via the web. Participants dial a phone number, enter the broadcast and then the entire conversation is streamed on air live through the BlogTalkRadio Web site. The site also archives all radio shows as podcasts, so they can easily be uploaded to iTunes and then shared on other blogs, sites etc. BlogTalkRadio’s founder and CEO, Alan Levy, says the site’s shows get on average 4,000,000 listens/downloads per month and close 1 million unique visitors to the site monthly.

Another similar site is TalkShoe, a web service that enables anyone to create, join, or listen to live discussions and podcasts, but TalkShoe’s interface is not nearly as comprehensi as BlogTalkRadio’s interface. Plus, BlogTalkRadio seems to have a more diverse set of content, both from consumers and brand partners.