Giggiddy: Seth MacFarlane Joins Hulu's Alien Plot

Hulu has just posted the latest addition to its ads detailing its plans to “turn our chunky brain matter into creamy goo” and take over the world. Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane has joined the cause, lending some of the show’s most well known voices to promote the popular streaming video site in the amusing ad embedded below.

Hulu’s ad campaign is funny, unique, and potentially very important to its long term success. The site is currently the clear leader in streaming full-length shows and movies, but as the same content becomes ubiquitous on sites like and CBS’s Hulu is going to have trouble differentiating itself. Its slick interface has already been knocked off a few times, and it’s hard to add major new features to a site that is dedicated to primarily watching video. So they’re recruiting major stars to ensure that Hulu’s the first one you think of when you get the urge to rot your brain a bit. And it seems to be working.

Also be sure to check out the campaign’s first ad, featuring Alec Baldwin.