BeeJive IM for iPhone to see an update "any time now"


At $16 greenbacks, Beejive IM for iPhone is one of the App Store’s swankier offerings. Fortunately, Beejive makes up for the steep entry fee with regular updates, each with at least a few notable features. According to our friends at Beejive, one of these updates should be hitting Apple’s e-shelves at any time now. The update has just been submitted for approval, so it’ll hit your handset whenever Apple gets done giving it the rundown.

Along with the standard performance enhancements and bug-mashings, this next build brings support for Facebook IM (and status updates) and “Wallpaper Selection within the application” – though we’re not really sure what that last bit entails. Keep your eyes peeled, and let us know if you see the update come down the pipes.