Blellow: Like Yammer meets LinkedIn Meets Twitter In A Way That Makes Sense

logo1To paraphrase Cracker, what the world needs now is another web-based Interactive micro-content production community like I need a hole in the head. But strangely enough, I think the world needs Blellow.

Blellow is a fascinating collaboration tool a la Yammer but Blellow allows you to create groups based on projects – WordPress Devs can group with other WordPress Devs while freelance writers can kvetch with other writers, for example.

To use the system you log-in and fill out a profile. Then you send messages – and ask questions – just like you would in Twitter or Yelp. The questions are actually the coolest part of the system. When you ask a question, everyone can see it and respond. You then thank folks who help you with Kudos and those users ride to the top of the heap in the system, thereby allowing potential employers to find the local experts in particular topics.


You can join groups of like-minded individual, create private groups, and ask questions of your friends. You can also post jobs and paid projects for $24, which is where Blellow expects to make their cash. They’re also offering 10GB of storage space for $10 a month and the system accepts files of any size – up to your paid limit – to share with your peers.


Just as Yammer is Twitter for business, Blellow seems to be Twitter for freelancers. But do we really need another Twitter? Sure, it’s a big world. In this economy, the little guy can use all the help he or she can get.

UPDATE – Changed Yelp to Yammer.