Symbian remains most dominant mobile OS in the world

symbiangoldAccording to Gartner’s final 2008 “Worldwide: Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System” stats, reigning mobile OS champ, Symbian, remains on top of the world with a whopping 52.4% majority market share. Although that number is down over 11% from 2007, Symbian still maintains a healthy 35.8% lead over its nearest competitor, Research In Motion. (chart after the break)

Of the 6 major mobile operating systems (Symbian, RIM, WinMo, Mac OSX, Linux, and Palm OS) included in the data, 3 platforms – Symbian, WinMo, and Linux – all lost some of their respective market share over the past year, while RIM and OSX each experienced growth of over 5%. Palm managed a meager fraction of an increase (.4%), but there’s no denying that things will get more interesting once they let the Pre (Web OS) out of the bag.


[via CNET]